About Patascore

The current digital lending landscape in Africa is highly competitive. To compete, lenders and financial institutions need to rethink current risk processes and ensure data completeness to be able to scale and achieve sustainable returns. Patascore has created a unique centralised secure data platform that enables financial institutions and service providers with real-time credit decisioning giving consumers optionality with regards to loan amount and terms is becoming the norm.

Our user-target

We have developed with B2C and B2B as our main target users who will benefit our Patascore product

Individuals & SMEs

  • Own your data.
  • Get a FREE POSITIVE credit rating.
  • Compare affordable finance options that create wealth for you
  • Financial Education

Financial Institutions & Service providers

  • Easy to use platform, no setup needed
  • Get unified KYC data
  • Data analytics
  • Credit decisioning infrastructure
  • E-KYC & Fraud checks
  • Option to intergrate with our APIs

Patascore is a powerful platform as a service for intelligent KYC automation and automation. It combines human knowledge and artificial intelligence with automation technology. It's a unified platform that makes it easy to accurately make credit decisions and efficiently manage loan origination process. Patascore offers a data Hub & movement that brings neutrality and build on TRUST to solve the current and future issues on Digital Identity, overindebtedness, loan stacking, financial literacy and KYC to ensure highly accurate and complete data for long term risk assessment and decisioning including for the unbanked.



Consistency of actions, honesty, ethical values, principles, expectations and outcomes. Our word to you is our integrity.


Your financial data on Patascore Platform is your data, not ours so we have invested in the right structures, teams and processes for us to earn your trust with your data.


Your personal data is safely guarded and is only available to you.

Data security

We have invested in long term security measures including ensuring that your data is encrypted and stored safely on our systems with various controls and monitoring measures .

Data standards

We will not share your data with anyone other than you unless when you have given us authorization to do so. We have ensured international standards (ISO 8000) for the protections and privacy of your personal information.



We do not compromise on anything that negatively affects the integrity of the data or customers or partners we work with.


Employee ,borrower, tenants, Customer checks


Customers have full control, consent and ownership of their data in an organised and uniform place. They can opt in and out anytime and decide who should access their data when offering them a service they need.


Financial institutions and service providers can now scale with our credit decisioning infrastructure, lowering their operational costs and drive efficiency in their credit operations and credit decisioning processes.